Scott MunroeIt’s probably bad enough that I write two blogs essentially built around the minutiae of my life. There’s a little bit of “why me?” combatting with an obviously greater amount of “why not me?” for I actually write these things, don’t I? There is a level of self-indulgence required that I feel somewhat guilty for enjoying.

But not enough to stop it.

Kathryn has, and so do I by extension, a business to run, offering a service that she believes and believes is needed. So when we met with Mr. Media Journalist yesterday to share our story, it simply made sense in putting the word out.

Poor guy. I’m not sure he knew what hit him.

Did I mention we like to talk?

A normal, well-adjusted young man when he arrived, his pencil hand shriveled into a bony raven’s claw as he flipped page after page trying to take in the verbal onslaught. His little digital recorder, which he kept protected in his left hand, underneath his notepad in an attempt to shield it from the 2000 words per minute we directed at it, probably started to overheat with the demands of capturing delivery somewhere around its sampling rate.

Did I mention Kat talks fast?

While she has said nothing about it, I know she’s observed that I always sit in the same spot at the conference table at the Katalyst Studio. Fortunately for Mr. Journalist he chose to sit across from me, in Kathryn’s usual spot. This narrowed the angle with which the barrage was directed. Had he sat at the head of the table, the ping ponging may have whiplashed his head right off.

However, he did an admirable job of taking it all in and seemed to find some relevance in the various aspects of what we have been doing. If he was feeling fear and looking for a chance to flee, he hid it well.

Granted, he was cornered.

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A Tip Of The Hat

So, as a Remade Platypus, there are a few changes to my life required to keep up, little things that weren’t mentioned, or if they were they were buried far too deep in the instructions for a man to get to without effort.

james stewartI made mention to Kathryn that I wanted to be at “hat guy” as my maternal grandfather was a life JakeBlueslong “hat guy”. A simple enough wish, but my grandfather wore his with an understated , casual elegance, like Jimmy Stewart, whereas I tend to be more Jake Blues. While we share hairlines, we do not share body types.

So my key is to go for hats that de-emphasize the Polish Roundness of face imparted by paternal grandfather. That’s easy enough and I get it. On to the little things that are something more of a challenge.

It has taken me long enough to get comfortable with keeping track of the various articles necessary to conduct my day. Walletkeyscellphone. It’s mantra-like now. Walletkeyscellphone. Now throw a hat on this. And a scarf. Getting out the door isn’t the issue, it’s a matter of keeping track of this extra paraphernalia through the excursion. I used to chide Famous Director for his tendency to wear scarves in what seemed to be unseasonal scarf weather. I know now it was simply a matter of his walletkeyscellphonescarf mantra.

Heading downtown soon to the Katalyst studio. Looks like it’s a walltetkeyscellphonescarfhat day. Let’s see if I get home in one piece.

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