A Tip Of The Hat

So, as a Remade Platypus, there are a few changes to my life required to keep up, little things that weren’t mentioned, or if they were they were buried far too deep in the instructions for a man to get to without effort.

james stewartI made mention to Kathryn that I wanted to be at “hat guy” as my maternal grandfather was a life JakeBlueslong “hat guy”. A simple enough wish, but my grandfather wore his with an understated , casual elegance, like Jimmy Stewart, whereas I tend to be more Jake Blues. While we share hairlines, we do not share body types.

So my key is to go for hats that de-emphasize the Polish Roundness of face imparted by paternal grandfather. That’s easy enough and I get it. On to the little things that are something more of a challenge.

It has taken me long enough to get comfortable with keeping track of the various articles necessary to conduct my day. Walletkeyscellphone. It’s mantra-like now. Walletkeyscellphone. Now throw a hat on this. And a scarf. Getting out the door isn’t the issue, it’s a matter of keeping track of this extra paraphernalia through the excursion. I used to chide Famous Director for his tendency to wear scarves in what seemed to be unseasonal scarf weather. I know now it was simply a matter of his walletkeyscellphonescarf mantra.

Heading downtown soon to the Katalyst studio. Looks like it’s a walltetkeyscellphonescarfhat day. Let’s see if I get home in one piece.

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Who Ray?

Good News! You won’t be subjected to more new photos of me trying on clothes today.

Bad News. I have lots of old photos.

I’m no stranger to scarves, the new accessories that Kathryn has brought back into my wardrobe. Circa 1983 I was committing an entirely different set of Fashion Crimes, in the cooler months largely built around a two tone down vest. Always one with a high tolerance for cool temperatures, The Vest sufficed for most of the winter. Indoors and out. For your enlightenment (and my ridicule), here are The Vest and The Scarf:


At least I was picking better jeans back then.

Yesterday brought a validation to the Man-Over process. My 17 year old daughter borrowed a scarf. This is the first time, outside of Halloween or Funny Dress Up Days, that she’s asked to invade my closet.

Tomorrow I am off to The Katalyst Studio again. “Presence” is the next segment in the quest to make me a Secret Agent. I presume tomorrow I learn how to come out of the water like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

Now THAT would be miraculous.