Winding DownDownDown

SantaScottIt’s Christmas around the world shortly and bloggers everywhere are shutting the hell up. Okay, at least I am, but this is probably a good thing. If you’re feeling lost and abandoned with the sporadic nature of posts of late, well, while I appreciate the audience, I hope Santa brings you a life for 2011.

Here are the pros and cons of blogging for me as experienced this year, in no particular order:

  • Pro: Blogs impress girls
  • Con: Whether it’s the right kind of girls remains to be seen
  • Pro: I got a fashion overhaul
  • Con: I have nothing to WEAR!
  • Pro: A reason to keep up with current events and media
  • Con: Actually keeping up with current events and media
  • Pro: There is a reason to sit down and write daily
  • Con: I am drinking way more coffee

(Pauses for coffee…)

  • Pro: Media Exposure
  • Con: Stalker Chick
  • Pro: Can describe self as “blogger”
  • Con: New synonym for “loser”
  • Pro: Colleagues in the Blogosphere
  • Con: Colleagues in the Blogosphere
  • Pro: Good excuse to start using Twitter
  • Con: Twitter
  • Pro: Using Photoshop to make clever composite photos
  • Con: Blog – 20 minutes. Clever composite – 3 hours.

The list could go on and on I am sure. That’s the easy part. However, I have presents to wrap and Christmas baking to avoid. Oh, and a clever composite to photoshop. I’ll post in 3 hours…

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Christmas Presence

Platypus-transparentAs it turned out, perhaps I wasn’t as desperately in need of Kathryn’s next module as I was of the wardrobe thing. Still it was kind of nice to have affirmation that I am not quite the social boob I could have been. Turns out that, instinctively, I grasped the fundamentals of things like introductions, handshakes and other common interactions.

We kept things primarily to business subjects. Reaction to the new look has been so positive with the harem that I think Kat avoided too much talk of dating protocol to give the poor girls a chance to catch their breath.

Okay, just taking a moment to stop laughing and come out of my daydream.

I’m not going to give away the farm, as the poor girl is trying to make a living, but I will say there is some excellent information to be had, particularly with her tips for working a room. Some of them I will have to put into practice, I think, before I fully believe and internalize them.

There is a bit of a credibility thing. Oh, not to say Kathryn is lacking any. It’s just that, well, she’s Tall, Blonde and Hot. The sort of person who creates a certain impact by simply showing up. It’s rather easy to think that different sets of rules apply to Tall Blonde and Hot and Platypus.

Not so, she claims.

Well, I’ve got to trust her. Who knew I’d look good in sleeves? So, I need a Christmas Party, preferably of the Cocktail variety, to practice my Room Working. Any takers? I promise not to show up Tall or Blonde. Hot I can do.

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