Evil Is A Foot

Yes, I know ‘afoot’ is one word. It’s a pun. Lighten up. Geez.

‘Evil’ is the problem here.

I found this today:


Now, I’m a word guy and words are imprecise, impressionistic and fluid while math is kind of absolute, that of it that I understand. They have theories and stuff which are then proven, as above. Don’t bother trying to point out errors in logical assumption. There’s enough math already that I want to put my fingers in my ears and go “blahblahblah”. I did scan, chased the logic and it survived a cursory inspection.

Kathryn is a girl, well technically a woman. She wants to do an “initial consultation”, followed by a “body analysis”. Hitler wanted merely “annexation” and “racial purity” and really it doesn’t sound so bad in those terms does it? And we know what happened there.

I’m kind of stunned, in the way a man can only be stunned by a woman, though usually it’s a wife, girlfriend or mother. How many men have image consultants? I mean that aren’t politicians, entertainers or gay. Wait… gays have an innate sense of style, so they are by and large ahead of the curve in that regard. Well, ahead of me, anyway. I’m here because I lost a bet.

I have no idea what I’m in for. This is about unifying the inner and outer me’s, I’m told, me but better. No fundamental change to who I am, simply a more authentic me.

It is, however, a woman saying this to me. See the quadratic equation above. If the “more authentic me” is blond haired and blue eyed, I’m heading for the sidelines before I acquire a taste  for jackboots.

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