Super Bowl Eyed Peas

imageI can’t believe I’m lonely for Janet and Justin. Are heads going to roll over the stage segments that didn’t light up? Is it just me or was the whole thing lame until Slash appeared, when it because a wee bit less lame? Granted, I preferred watching Fergie to Axl Rose on Sweet Child O’ Mine. Did this half time make The Who’s appearance seem almost relevant? Did it jump the shark, or perhaps a newer, even bigger shark? I wasn’t keeping track, but the celebrity-in-the-crowd rundown for the first half was John Madden, A-Rod and Cameron and John Travolta. Dubya and wife don’t count, as they live in the neighbourhood.

Also, I’m lonely for the Grey Cup.


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  1. No, it isn’t just you, Scott. That was one bad (not in a good way) half time show. Considering what perfectly coordinated chain of events to get stage in place and hooked up, a few hundred dancers out on the field, lip-sync tracks cued up and a band in position, all in the span of a couple of commercials and a post half commentary, I’m amazed that any happened at all. But that’s what you get for trying to “out-excess” what went on the year before.

    The game was pretty good but everything around it was too outlandishly jingoistic for my tastes. But that’s me.

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